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Restoration Druid Guide

Restoration Druid is one of the, if not THE, most versatile healer in WOTLK. They can effectively act as a tank or raid healer and have a lot of instant casts, allowing for easy movement. They also have a large amount of self-damage reduction via Barkskin and Dire Bear Form. While they do not have any large healing cooldowns (aside from Tranquility which is party only), they bring Innervate as a unique utility spell to restore mana to Spirit users, as well as some CC on trash for Beasts and Dragonkin via Hibernate.



Resto Druids have two very viable options for healing specs. The first optimizes your raid heals:–230023312131500531050313051_001xft11nh821nhg31rfz41rg151stk

While this build optimizes your raid healing, it is still effective at tank or spot healing in a pinch.


The second build is more versatile and allows for better raid and spot healing:–230023312231502531053313051_001xft11nh821xfv31rfz41rg151stk

You gain a lot of power in tank/spot heals while not losing very much in raid heals. With that said, all things equal, Druids are more effective as a raid healer, so you should use the first build if you are able to fill the raid healer role (alongside a Holy Paladin for example). The spec you choose will depend on your guild’s raid composition and healing team.

Note that this example spec includes the Nourish glyph, which is great for tank healing but not much else. If you are not the dedicated tank healer for your raid, use Glyph of Innervate.



Healing Spells

  • Wild Growth
    • Our best spell. Does insane healing and also gives resources back with Revitalize.
  • Rejuvenation
    • Our second best spell. Does the most healing per mana and healing per cast of any spell besides Wild Growth. This should be used as your go-to HoT on all targets. This should be your highest used spell during a raid encounter.
  •  Regrowth
    • Our most efficient spot heal. This spell should be used any time you want to apply a HoT to a target but ALSO heal the immediately. This should probably be your highest used spell after Rejuvenation and Wild Growth.
  • Swiftmend
    • Instant burst healing. Requires a HoT effect. Very good spell and should be used any time you need an instant heal.
  • Lifebloom
    • High healing output but high mana cost. This spell is useful for sustaining HoT HPS on tanks or focus targets during high damage encounters.
  • Nourish
    • Our burst spot heal. Significantly more effective with a HoT already present and can be buffed more with the Glyph. Never cast on someone who has no HoTs already on them.
  • Healing Touch
    • DO NOT CAST this ability ever. Its ONLY use is when paired with Nature’s Swiftness for an instant burst heal.
  • Abolish Poison
    • Removes Poisons every few seconds.
  • Remove Curse
    • Removes Curses.
  • Cure Poison
    • Do not cast this spell. It’s just bad Abolish Poison.
  • Tranquility
    • Looks great on paper but the mana cost and the fact that it only affects your party makes its usage pretty niche. Great if you can work out with your healing team to each cover a party during high healing times.


Utility Spells

  • Innervate – The best part about being a Druid in WOTLK. An incredible utility for anyone in your raid that uses spirit as a resource (namely yourself, other Resto Druids, Priest healers, and Arcane mages).
  • Rebirth – “Battle res!” The other best thing about being a Druid in WOTLK. Allows you to resurrect a party member during combat.
  • Barkskin – Self damage reduction and cast interrupt reduction. Always very useful.
  • Entangling Roots – very useful for CCing trash and adds and can be used on all mobs. Broken by damage
  • Nature’s Grasp – not very useful in PvE but has niche situations.
  • Hibernate – CC for certain types of trash. Not really useful in raids until Ulduar (2nd raid tier)



Raid Healing

  • 1) Cast Wild Growth on cooldown if at least 5 (6 with Glyph) people are damaged.
  • 2) Case Rejuvenation on targets that are taking constant damage
  • (See Spot Healing) for how to address large bursts of damage)

Spot Healing

  • 1) Regrowth targets that have taken burst damage
  • 2) Nourish targets that continue to take large damage after Regrowthing
  • 3) If your target can survive 1.5 seconds without a Nourish, use a GCD to maintain Rejuvenation or Regrowth, if necessary. Then go back to Nourishing.
  • 4) Use Swiftmend for large heals that are needed instantly
  • 5) Use Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch for large emergency healing OR if heals are needed instantly and Swiftmend is on cooldown.

Tank Healing

  • 1) Maintain Rejuvenation
  • 2) Maintain Lifebloom (3 stacks)
  • 3) Maintain Regrowth
  • 4) Use Nourish as needed
  • 5) Use Swiftmend for large heals that are needed instantly
  • 6) Use Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch for large emergency healing OR if heals are needed instantly and Swiftmend is on cooldown.



  • For stat priorities (and gems), you should be using Spellpower, Spirit, and Haste.
  • For Trinkets, we recommend using either mana restoration trinkets or passive throughput trinkets.