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Gundrak Dungeon Skip

Gundrak has a number of significant skips that allow groups to skip a large amount of the trash mobs in the dungeon.

  1. Enter the dungeon through the left (north) entrance.
  2. Clear up to the first room where Slad’ran is. After killing the boss, click the altar and then jump into the water.
  3. Swim to the other side and climb up the bones and head up the stairs to the second boss.
  4. Kill the Drakkari Colossus. Click on the second altar and then go back down the stairs and into the water.
  5. Swim under the waterfall through the grate to the end of the hidden tunnel.
  6. Exit the water, head up the ramp and to the right through the door.
  7. [Optional – Heroic only] After clearing the room and killing Moorabi, you can optionally head through the tiny door to kill Eck the Ferocious.
  8. Click on the final altar and then jump back into the water.
  9. Climb up the skeleton pile to exit the water and continue left to kill the final boss and finish the dungeon.