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1-450 First Aid Guide for WotLK Classic

First Aid is a simple and useful profession that you can easily level while you’re getting to 80. However, if you’re boosting a character to 80 on WotLK Classic launch, you’ll probably find it easiest to level outright in Dalaran. First Aid is useful for all classes, but especially those that do not have healing spells. You can use them to reduce your downtime while leveling and also as a clutch heal during PvP and PvE encounters.

Materials You’ll Need

Depending on your luck, you may need more than the minimum amount of cloth needed. Here is the minimum required materials, as well as the estimated amount it will likely take you with normal luck.

Cloth Minimum Required Estimated Required
Linen Cloth 120 (6 stacks) 200 (10 stacks)
Wool Cloth 105 (~6 stacks) 125 ~(7 stacks)
Silk Cloth 90 (~5 stacks) 140 (7 stacks)
Mageweave Cloth 70 (~4 stacks) 90 (~5 stacks)
Runecloth 50 (~3 stacks) 70 (~4 stacks)
Netherweave Cloth 70 (~4 stacks) 70 (~4 stacks)
Frostweave Cloth 150 (~8 stacks) 340 (17 stacks)

Leveling Guide

Olisarra the Kind is the First Aid trainer in Dalaran and she can train all recipes except for Heavy Frostweave Cloth.

1-40 (Requires Level 5)

  • Train Linen Bandage from the First Aid trainer.
  • Craft Linen Bandage.

40-80 (75+ requires level 10)

  • Train Heavy Linen Bandage from the First Aid trainer.
  • Craft Heavy Linen Bandage. This turns green at 75.


  • Train Wool Bandage from the First Aid trainer.
  • Craft Wool Bandage.


150-180 (requires level 20)

  • Train Silk Bandage from the First Aid trainer.
  • Craft Silk Bandage.


210-240 (225+ requires level 35+)








  • Train Heavy Frostwave Bandage from Manual: Heavy Frostweave Bandage. This is a random world drop and is BoP. You must have at least 390 First Aid skill in order for this book to drop. If you want to try to speed up the process, you can grind on easy mobs until the item drops. However, most players will be content with normal Frostweave Bandages until the book drops during regular play.
  • Craft Heavy Frostweave Bandage.