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How to obtain the Key to the Focusing Iris (Eye of Eternity)

Eye of Eternity requires either the Key to the Focusing Iris (10 man) or Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris (25 man). While players can enter the Eye of Eternity without the key, the boss Malygos can only be summoned by a player who has the key. Only one player in the raid needs to have the key.

How to obtain the Key to the Focusing Iris

Obtaining the key is actually very simple, but requires a raid:

Both quests are easy to complete. Simply go talk to Alexstasza the Life-Binder at the top of Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight. Alexstrasza will give you the corresponding key upon turning in the quest. Be sure to pick up the follow-up quest from Krasus nearby.

Who should get the key?

Since only one Key to the Focusing Iris will drop from Sapphiron, guilds must choose which player receives the key. There are two main criteria to consider:

1. Will this player regularly attend raids in order to summon Malygos?

The player with the key must be present when the guild runs Eye of Eternity in order to summon Malygos, so it is critical that the key is given to a player who will attend most raids. This is especially important when the guild first starts raiding Eye of Eternity and becomes less important as time goes on (because more players will have the key).

2. Will the quest item from the follow-up quest be used by the player?

After turning in either Key to the Focusing Iris quest, a follow-up quest from Krasus will be unlocked. This quest requires killing Malygos (the boss of Eye of Eternity) on the corresponding difficulty and rewards a necklace:

Judgement at the Eye of Eternity (10-man):

Heroic Judgement at the Eye of Eternity (25-man)

The 25-man necklace is Best in Slot for many classes, so you should consider whether a class has a better option available, or a viable alternative.